Marine and tidal energy

Marine wave and tidal development

Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters

The Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters off Caithness became the UK’s first wave and tidal energy site in March 2010 following the announcement by the Crown Estate of the successful leaseholders. This landmark green energy announcement heralded a significant step forward in the area’s vision to develop a sustainable clean energy future from the marine renewables sector. Concepts such as Marine5 are being developed to capture the renewable energy opportunities of wave and tide power and utilise the extensive experience and skills base in the area.

Marine5 has been formed to ensure that a Marine Renewables Central Control Room and engineering hub is built and becomes a focal point in the area for marine renewable companies and a base for engineers during the marine device operational phase. The concept is to develop a Centralised Control Room (CCR) and engineering support hub that would monitor and maintain the environment of marine renewable energy devices, their location, control instrumentation and provide an emergency response information service to national emergency response agencies when required.

In addition to the emergency shut-down requirement, the CCR will provide monitoring and optimisation of electricity output and provide data to allow preventative maintenance schedules to be optimised to make best use of weather window opportunities.

Photos courtesy of Atlantis Resources Ltd and MeyGen Ltd

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