Wick’s PPP leads new jobs scheme

11th June 2015 from johnogroat-journal.co.uk

Pultneytown People’s Project (PPP) is to launch a new employment programme in Wick later this month.

The course, which starts on Monday, June 15, will help people get a qualification and work experience.

PPP chief executive Katrina MacNab said: “The course helps people who genuinely want to gain employment, gain a qualification in Certificate of Work Readiness, along with work experience in a quality work placement. It is a national contract that we have secured to deliver in this area.

“We work hard with local employers to provide a variety of placements. We try to match people up to the kind of work they would like to get into. In our last course one candidate wanted to work in a care home. We managed to secure a placement for her and at the end of the programme she was offered and took up a job in the care sector.

“We have had huge success working with the groups and supporting them through the transition to gaining a job, sorting out benefits and moving them on to a job.”

The course lasts for 18 weeks and benefits and costs such as bus fares and childcare is paid for each candidate. After the induction period candidates then attend the centre one day a week and the other four days is in a quality placement.

johnogroat-journal.co.uk: http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Wicks-PPP-leads-new-jobs-scheme-05062015.htm

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