Enterprise pupils are top team

4th May 2015

Young Enterprise is, in its own words, “the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity.”

It gives young people the chance to create their own business and to work as a group to learn about the world of business.

The programme allows young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed, using five key skills: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and resilience.

This year, a team from Wick High School participated in the programme in Highland and Moray.

The team, called ‘Prosperity’, comprised six S6 students: Scott Cormack, Emma Malcolm, Ross Perry, Mel Cano, Kayleigh Gunn and Eilidh Geddes.

They all had coaching from Ali Murray, of Atlantic Marketing, and were supported by their business advisers, Trudy Morris, chief executive of Caithness Chamber of Commerce, and Ken Nicol, of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, as well as Lucy Bremner, their link teacher.

The team entered the competition with a trailblazing emergency phone charger. They also sold phone socks, adapter cables and gift packs.

To create these products, the group first researched online and brainstormed several ideas. The products were then created and, finally, they sold them.

The group feel that they have benefited from Young Enterprise in several ways. It made them all better at working in a team, and gave them an insight on what it is like to run a business. They have learned that being a risk-taker is what makes a good entrepreneur.

The months leading up to the final presentation had both ups and downs. They presented their products at a local event, the North Highland Regeneration Fund’s Dragons Den Event in Thurso in November, at which they won the top prize of £200.

The group were sponsored by a battery company and received 100 free batteries which one member of the group admitted was very exciting. Various teams dropped out in the run-in towards the final presentation, which was held in the Ironworks in Inverness on March 26 but – as one of the team members put it – Wick High “endured.”

Mr Murray coached the group to assist with the presentation, which was given by Scott and Emma. The presentation was delivered to real business executives, and Emma said the experience was “scary!” The fear, however, was apparently worth it, as the group won the award for best presentation, and were overall runners-up.

The team also received £135 each from their product.

Ms Morris said: “I just think it’s a really good programme for students to get involved in – they can learn a lot of skills which could help in the future. It’s been great working with this team – it’s the second one we’ve worked with in the last two years, and we came back with the same award as last time which is great. Wick High School has got a really good reputation within the whole programme.”

Miss Bremner said: “The group last year were third. This year’s group were second, so we need to get first at some point! “We have no doubt that there will be another set of creative and charismatic students next year who are willing to rise to the challenge.”

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