Cameras are set to roll on far north movie

7th December 2012 from John O'Groat Journal

Caithness is set to get the Hollywood treatment this weekend when filming takes place for the second film to be produced by a Highland-based movie company.

Big Box Network will be shooting over three days for its latest production The Match, a football comedy about a team from Edinburgh coming to the far north to play a cup tie against local boys, the Caithness Strollers.

The four day filming includes sets at a number of locations including Naver football pitch, Top Joe’s and the Comm Bar in Thurso, and Harmsworth Park, the home of Wick Academy.

This will be the second film to be produced by Big Box Network, with its first offering A Time to be Sleeping released last year when it had its premier at Caithness Horizons and has sold well on its website.

Producer Ali Murray said that last-minute preparations are being put in place for the weekend’s filming and said he was optimistic that things will run smoothly.

“We are currently in the process of running through last cast calls, so we have people ready when we need them and we have a run through of the script with all the cast,” he said.

“Everything is about in place and we are now just keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is nice to us during the weekend.”

The comedy follows four main characters in the lead-up to the game with its emphasis on visual comedy rather than one line jokes.

The film has also obtained permission to use a streaker during filming from the local authorities and have notified residents in the area where the flash nudity will take place by distributing letters to anyone who might have a line of sight.

In October, Big Box Network held auditions for its cast in Thurso and Wick and among some notable local acting talent that will be appearing in the movie include Carl Gardiner, Donna Swanson, Peter Rogan and Scotty Youngson.

Despite being a small independent movie with a budget of £17,600 to work with, Mr Murray said that he has big ambitions for the film and hopes that the 30 minute piece can make an impact across the world.

“We have a number of options in terms of the public being able to interact with the film.

“It will certainly be released through the Big Box website for people to download.

“But the main value to us and the rest of Caithness is to get it into a number of festivals or cinemas that have a reputation of showing films from non-established groups so the credibility base can be built up for doing larger projects.

“This is the second step in the ladder for us but we are also looking at putting the film into festivals in the UK and abroad. Because it is a comedy that will mainly be visual, it will hopefully appeal to people around the world.”

Discussions are also at an early stage about subtitling the film in Mandarin to promote the movie in the Chinese market.

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