Caithness the focus of BBC Landward

4th May 2015

Caithness featured heavily last Friday night (May 1st) on the popular BBC One programme, Landward.

The 30 minute show, broadcast at 7:30pm on BBC One, saw Dougie Vipond and the team head to the Caithness coast and the tempestuous waters of the Pentland Firth.

Euan McIlwraith visited the uninhabited island of Stroma to learn about its history and why its last inhabitants left the island, while Sarah Mack sought to catch a glimpse of an orca pod – frequent visitors to the area - and Dougie explored the current efforts to harness local tidal power to generate electricity, visiting Wick via Mackay’s Hotel, De Vita’s Pizzeria and the Black Stairs on the way to MeyGen’s Cannisbay construction site.

Dougie also ventured out on a ride with crew members of Thurso Lifeboat to learn about the dangers of the Pentland Firth.

Sarah also visits a flagstone quarry to learn about the success of Caithness stone, with a visit to Castletown harbour which is made almost exclusively from the stone, meeting with members of the Castlehill Heritage Society.

Those who missed the episode on Friday can catch up via iPlayer for the next 28 days.

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