Caithness Renewables and CVG partner with Caithness Rural Transport for a sustainable future

20th July 2015

Caithness Chamber of Commerce members Caithness Voluntary Group and Caithness Renewables Ltd shared the limelight recently.

Caithness Rural Transport, part of Caithness Voluntary Group, provides a Dial-A-Ride door to door transport service for people with mobility problems. Working with Project Manager Louise Smith, director of Caithness Renewables, the Caithness team has put together an electric vehicle project that includes multiple charging points round the county.

“We are delighted with the outcome of the bid and feel enthusiastic about the project,” said Caithness Rural Transport Project Manager, Coreen Campbell. “Caithness Rural Transport had been hoping to use green energy vehicles in the past but the lack of charge points throughout the County had deterred us.”

Working in partnership with Transition Black Isle, Caithness Voluntary Group put forward a proposal for an electric vehicle project to the Local Energy Challenge Fund, receiving an award to support their project feasibility work. The project utilises ‘second life’ batteries at multiple vehicle charging points across the Highlands. Second life batteries are ones that have served their original purpose but are still useful for other projects. Caithness Rural Transport is working with a number of partners including the Highland Council, Denchi Power and the Environmental Research Institute, part of North Highland College. Denchi Power who run the battery factory in Thurso will be supplying the batteries and the ERI will be carrying out energy storage research. So a plethora of Chamber members working together for success.

Further information can be obtained from Louise Smith .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and any suggestions for charging point locations are welcomed.

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