Caithness energy firm relaunches on and offshore services

6th September 2013 from John O'Groat Journal

Expanding Thurso-based renewable energy consultancy, Caithness Renewables Ltd, will be exhibiting at a marine energy conference in Inverness this month to publicise the launch of its newly rebranded services for developers and their supply chain.

The Scottish Renewables Marine Conference brings together leading marine energy figures, investors and academics.

Caithness Renewables will be using the opportunity to speak to existing and potential new customers about its new services Offergy, its offshore energy services for marine energy developers and the offshore wind supply chain, and Onergy, the equivalent onshore energy service looking at onshore wind, biomass, micro-renewables and sustainability.

Juvenal Dufaur, a marine engineer who recently joined the firm, specialises in tidal currents and oceanography, and is heading up the Offergy team. Offergy will include the work streams which bring benefit to the offshore energy industry such as development and regeneration plans for ports and harbours looking at servicing marine energy and offshore wind developments around Scotland’s coastlines, logistics and supply chain analysis.

The Onergy work is led by Eilidh Gunn, who deals with onshore renewable energy projects and micro-renewables for households, businesses and communities.

Attendance at national events such as this is important to companies looking to build a sustainable future in renewables for their business and this will be the third year in which Caithness Renewables has exhibited.

Director Louise Smith said: “Our commitment to offshore energy around our coastlines and onshore energy across the region is embodied in our decision to launch these complementary Offergy and Onergy consultancy services.

“We have recently grown the business based in the increasing level of interest from developers in our unique skills and industry knowledge.”

Dan Pearson, CEO of MeyGen, the tidal energy developer awaiting consent for its innovative energy generation scheme in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth, commented on the restructure.

“The north of Scotland is currently a hotbed of renewable energy activity - being able to offer local consultancy services to the more established forms of energy generation onshore, as well as the exciting emerging marine energy sector, is a critical component to developing the Caithness expertise and supply chain,” he said.

“We’re keen to see this and are encouraged by Caithness Renewables’ focus and growth.”

Eann Sinclair, programme manager for the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership, a public sector partnership with a remit to address socio-economic development in the north, added: “It’s good to see Caithness Renewables further developing the services that they offer in this way.

“One of the area’s great strengths is having the right people at the right time in the right place: Caithness Renewables has demonstrated the value of our existing skills base and its role in attracting new talent to live and work in the north. Their employment of an oceanographer looks set to contribute to commercial success and further growth in the renewable energy sector.

“We look forward to further positive news from the company in the coming months.”

John O'Groat Journal:

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