Stacks of Duncansby

Outdoor Attractions

Here are just some of the great places to visit:

Archaeology - Camster Cairns/ Yarrows/ Loch Calder / Cnoc Freiceadain - Caithness has a number of ancient Neolithic burial chambers – the finest example is the Camster Cairn – truly impressive and worth a visit.

Harbours - Caithness and North Sutherland has many interesting and attractive harbours to visit. Follow the coast round to catch a glimpse of the importance the fishing industry once had for this area. Many of the small harbours have benefited from their communities with picnic facilities and information boards with some interesting info on the area.

John O’Groats – This iconic destination is definitely worth a visit. The most north easterly point of the UK’s four corners, it is a destination made popular by those doing the Lands End to John O’Groats challenge. Plans for significant investment are underway but John O’Groats has a lot to offer now. During the summer months John O’Groats Ferries operates a daily service to the Orkney Islands.

Old St Peters Kirk - The oldest church site in Caithness is St Peters in Thurso.  It stands in one the oldest areas of the town.  It is thought to have been founded by Gilbert, Bishop of Caithness from 1222 - 1245AD.  The greater part of the church that is left today dates from the 16th and 17th centuries.  The church was in use until 1832 when a new one was built - St Peters in St John Square.  There are many headstones in good condition and some unusual ones.  A Norse runic stone was found here and is now in on display in Caithness Horizons.

Mary Ann’s Cottage - 150 years of crofting frozen in time.  In 1990 just before her 93rd birthday, Mary-Ann Calder moved from her life-long home at Westside Croft, Dunnet to a Wick nursing home.  Her grandfather John Young, had built the cottage in 1850, and the croft was successively worked by him, his son William, and finally his grand-daughter, Mary-Ann and her husband James Calder.  Over the three generations the way of life and working practices had continued largely unaltered.

Stacks of Duncansby –The Stacks of Duncansby are spectacular and are some of the most impressive in the British Isles.  Located just along the coast from John O’Groats, they can be accessed from the car park at Duncansby Head via a short coastal path with breathtaking sea views and bird life.

Whalligoe Steps – Located just off the road, a few miles along the coast from Wick, Whalligoe’s 330 steps from the top of the cliff to the sea below are spectacular.  These steps were used to lift fish from the boats in the tiny harbour to the top of the cliff.

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