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Caithness and North Sutherland has a well earned reputation as a centre of excellence for business services for both business to business and business to consumer concerns.

The local workforce has excellent IT literacy, communication and people skills. Couple this with the relatively low business costs, such as cheaper overhead costs, compared with locations elsewhere in Scotland and the UK and you have an extremely viable and attractive business proposition.

It is hoped this lead in business services, allied to high speed broadband internet connections, will enable the region to attract more employment around business services.

Thurso, for example, was chosen by BT in 2008 to pilot its pioneering home working scheme. The Caithness town was chosen due to the quality of its operation and its low turnover of staff.

From a successful pilot, BT now offers a homeshoring service for businesses across the UK. See BT Homeshoring for more information.

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