Financial assistance for business is available in Caithness and North Sutherland in various forms such as grants, loans or direct investment.

Highlands & Islands Enterprise  -  the lead economic agency in the area - will consider applications for financial assistance from businesses looking to locate here.  Contact the local HIE Caithness & Sutherland team for more information.

A second potential source of business finance is the Scottish Development International (SDI), a government agency that helps businesses invest in Scotland and they can help businesses get financial assistance in setting up here or developing projects that would benefit the Scottish economy. Many business grant schemes are provided by the government and they can make businesses aware of all the schemes that may be of benefit and help businesses get finance.

Some of the special Business Grants and Incentives that are available in Scotland cover:

• Tax credits
• Research and development assistance
• Financial incentive schemes

There is also a local fund set up by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, North Highland Regeneration Fund (NHRF) which provides pump priming money to new ventures and existing organisations - aimed at bringing to realisation entrepreneurial ideas which will lead to job creation beyond the nuclear industry in the area around Dounreay.

Other organisations such as the venture capital companies will consider investment for growing or start-up businesses.

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